Investment Portfolio

We invest in renewable energy, circular economy and energy efficiency companies across all stages of growth; specifically, ones that are in need of a long-term partner to grow and scale their business. 

Current Partners

In 2015, we made our first investment in Nexus Circular, an advanced recycling company. Cox Cleantech’s partnership with Nexus has helped evolve the company from a pilot stage to a third generation, state-of-the-art commercial facility with the capacity to fulfill long-term agreements with global customers.  

What exactly makes Nexus Circular…well, circular? The process begins with used plastic that can’t be mechanically recycled: everyday items like films and flexible packaging. Nexus converts the plastic into its core components that can be used to make new products, again and again.   

After nine years of partnership with Cox Cleantech, Nexus Circular is operating at scale with customer contracts from the packaging industry and other global partners, diverting plastic from landfills and giving it new life. 

A beaker of Nexus Circular product

Our newest partner, DSD Renewables, is a hub for distributed renewable energy solutions. DSD enables a more sustainable future by deploying and operating renewable energy solutions that make solar power, energy storage and EV charging infrastructure more accessible to commercial, industrial and municipal partners.  

With strategic multi-site commercial partners, DSD is accelerating the deployment of renewable energy while creating value and helping partners achieve sustainability goals. To date, DSD has developed and deployed more than 615 megawatts of distributed solar assets and generates an estimated 325 GWh per year. 

Solar panels with buildings in the background

Ready to Partner?

We believe that doing good business and doing good in the world go hand in hand. We’re looking for renewable energy, energy efficiency and circular production businesses that range from early to mature stage. If that sounds like you, let’s connect.