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Our Team

Our team is different because our approach is different. We combine capital and ideas to power businesses in the cleantech space. Together, we can significantly reduce carbon and waste, protecting the planet for future generations.  

Our company footprint is wide, and our experience vast. Anchored in decades of expertise, commitment to our partners and a passion for a better future, we’re actively developing new investments in the cleantech space.

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Generations of Success

Our process is a proven model – proven across multiple industries for more than 125 years, in fact. As part of the Cox family of businesses, Cox Cleantech is firmly established with a focus on always-on reinvention: a winning combination of stability and flexibility. 

Invests as a minority owner in BrightFarms, a network of indoor farms growing lettuce and leafy greens
Scales operations, builds the brand and leads additional investment rounds

Acquires remaining interest in BrightFarms from private equity partners

Becomes the majority owner and partner to Mucci Farms, a leading network of indoor farms growing tomatoes, cucumbers and other vine crops

Launches Cox Farms as its own business unit, built on deep partnership to deliver fresh and flavorful produce regardless of calendar or climate

“This significant investment from Cox marks a pivotal milestone for DSD, enabling our continued evolution to becoming an influential market leader. Our growth, initially fueled by BlackRock’s faith in us, now enters a new chapter with Cox that will advance our position as a cleantech leader and scale our business. This partnership is a testament to how far we’ve come and our unwavering commitment to accelerating renewable energy solutions deployment.”
-Erik Schiemann, CEO, DSD

“The work we are doing at DSD is facilitating a more sustainable future for all by scaling renewable energy solutions across the industry. Cox is a strategic investor and shares our commitment to putting customers first. With support from Cox, DSD is able to provide the resources our customers need to meet aggressive sustainability goals.” 
-Eric Pollock, CCO, DSD

“The reason that Nexus has been able to get to this stage is in large part due to working with Cox.  The fact of the matter is Cox took a leap of faith that this was a company that they wanted to invest in and without that investment, we would not have been able to get to this stage.”
-Jodie Morgan, CEO, Nexus Circular