We Build Cleantech Businesses for Maximum Impact  

Cox Cleantech empowers businesses to be environmentally and economically sustainable. We build partnerships with companies that are significantly reducing waste and producing renewable resources for the low-carbon and circular economy.   

As part of the Cox family of businesses, we are grounded in innovation and enterprise expertise. We create high-value companies with scalable infrastructure, guided by our focus on reducing waste and achieving net zero goals – and we do it all as part of our mission to build a better future for the next generation. 

Man walking through solar panel farm

Cox Cleantech is more than an investor in companies who are growing impact technologies; we’re an operator committed to creating a greener footprint of our own. Our parent company, Cox Enterprises, has a 125-year history of scaling business for long-term success and a passion for pioneering the next big thing in environmental sustainability. Perhaps most importantly, we have the capital, expertise and curiosity to help grow cleantech companies into successful enterprises that make a positive impact on the world we leave to the next generation.

-Will Thorburn, Head of Cox Cleantech

Why Partner With Us

We believe that lasting, transformative environmental change is possible: the kind of change that heals our planet and protects future generations. It happens when circular and renewable platform businesses can operate efficiently, thrive economically and scale to new heights. We’re focused on partnering with companies that we can help grow and diversify within the low carbon, low waste economy. 

Aerial view of solar panels and trees


With a decade of experience in clean technology and more than $2 billion invested in this space, our leaders are experts in scaling businesses for operational excellence and maximum impact.


Our teams are here to create value within your operation: asking great questions and helping you plan future growth systematically based on business needs, not short-term returns.


We’re invigorated by fresh and feasible ideas that align with our mission of creating a cleaner planet. Our teams are united by the goal of helping cleantech innovators find lasting success. 

Portfolio Preview

We are focused on three major areas: renewable energy, circularity and energy efficiency. We are actively investing in businesses with strong economic returns; ones that significantly reduce carbon and waste and create new infrastructure for the growing low carbon, low waste economy. 

Renewable energy

Investing in platforms and solutions to create more accessible renewable energy sources for commercial and community partners

Colorful solar panel farm


Developing and scaling novel technologies that significantly reduce waste and repurpose it to re-enter the economy

A forest with a symbol representing circular economy


Solidifying the impact and value of conserving energy in commercial and industrial properties to help partners realize their sustainability goals