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Empowering Farmers to Adapt and Thrive

The Growers Edge provides proprietary data insights, financial technology tools, warranty-backed crop plans and lending solutions that enable agricultural innovation to thrive and scale. By seeding a resilient future for the ag industry, we are nurturing a promising future for all.

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Crop plans:

We partner with ag retailers to design warranty-backed crop plans supported by comprehensive data. We work to maximize outcomes and confidence for both retailers and farmers.

Embedded Finance:

Our financial software and services platform makes it simple for ag retailers and input manufacturers to deliver a custom-branded financing solution using well-informed credit and financing decisions.

Land Value:

Growers Edge land value market intelligence and data management tools provide real-time data and transparency for farmers, investors, lenders and real estate industry professionals.

Data and Analytics:

Our industry-leading data analytics and technology platform is the engine we harness for everything from sharing insights that inform key decisions to mitigating risk with warranty-backed crop plans.

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