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We’re building Cox Cleantech into an operating business, expanding on our track record of driving operational excellence, scale and continuous innovation across the businesses we’ve invested in or built from the ground up. We believe in, and share in, your vision for a more sustainable future for the next generation. We’ll work to connect your mission with our Cox Cleantech portfolio of businesses, creating bold strategies to amplify your impact over the short, medium and long term.


Invested over last 20 years to fuel diversification and growth[1]Cox Enterprises Internal Data


Reinvested annually through capital expenditures and R&D[2]Cox Enterprises Internal Data


Enterprise-wide minority investments since 2012[3]Cox Enterprises Internal Data

Since our founding in 1898, Cox has embraced innovative, game-changing businesses in their earliest stages, including radio, television, cable TV and broadband. Through decades of changing business landscapes and markets, we’ve continuously diversified our businesses to anticipate the next big thing that brings us closer to solving the most pressing problems of the time. Making business decisions anchored to long-term objectives furthers our mission to build a better future for the next generation.”

– Dallas Clement, President and Chief Financial Officer (Cox Enterprises)


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